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by Tieshay Cheryl

Unsung Blxckbyrd is the first studio album by Tieshay Cheryl. Unsung Blxckbyrd is highly inspired by the beautiful Ms. Nina Simone. This album is a spiritual, mental and emotional journey of life. It explores the mind and emotions of a young Black girl growing into womanhood, her power, her truth, her light and her purpose. She discovers her true self through conflict of relationships, emotions/feelings and battles with her mental demands. She accepts she is different, divine and unique.She must learn to step fully into her purpose and shine her light. Unsung Blxckbyrd will take you on a journey like no other and leave you feeling inspired, moved and ready for life. Listening will encourage you to dig deep within yourself and shine your light.




Tieshay Cheryl also known as Respect The Mic, is a writer, poet, performing artist, motivational and inspirational Speaker. She seeks to use her divine passion, love and dedication to inspire, motivate and positively influence others to be their best self. Tieshay Cheryl strives to spread fun loving, positive vibes, emotional healing and mental strength to all who are willing to listen. She strives to challenge the status quo of thinking with hopes of encouraging others to share their stories or embrace the stories of others in order to create unity. Ultimately, Tieshay Cheryl Strives to help heal,encourage and empower the young impressionable minds of the Black Community to break the status quo in order to be their best self and shine their light.


“I have learned on my Journey to stay true to myself, my passion and my love. As long as I remain true to myself and my mission, I will always be successful.”  — Tieshay Cheryl
“I have learned on my Journey to stay true to myself, my passion and my love. As long as I remain true to myself and my mission, I will always be successful.”

— Tieshay Cheryl


Tieshay Cheryl, born as Tieshay Skinner,is a proud Black woman born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She goes by the stage name Tieshay Cheryl because Cheryl is the first name of the two closest women to her heart, her Mother and her Godmother. Tieshay has been surrounded by creativity, music and the performing arts her entire life. Tieshay got her start as a performing artist during her elementary school year's as a member of the African drum team. Later in High School she would join the choir and become a performing spoken word artist. Music has been apart of Tieshay's life for as long as she can remember, from Karaoke nights with the family to  having song writing and singing sessions with her younger sister. Tieshay wrote her first song around the age of 10. It was a gospel melody she and her sister created. It wasn't until college that Tieshay truly discovered her voice. In 2014 she would team up with Pittsburgh underground Rapper Bruce Lii as the opening voice/spoken word on his mix-tape "Outspoken" and also feature on a collaborative track. 

Tieshay is the proud founder of the IUP Artistry Movement, a creative writing based organization on  Indiana University Of  Pennsylvania's (IUP) campus. Tieshay has had the opportunity to provide the insuring motivating opening spoken word peace for Michael Skolnick (Global Grind) and Sabrina Fulton ( Trayvon Martin's Mother) for the He has a Name series. Tieshay has directed and starred in several stage productions. In 2015 she introduced The IUP and Indiana community to her newly found organization with a spoken word and music filled stage production called Black Lives Matter. Tieshay has been one of the keynote speakers and spoken word artist at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) minority graduation in both 2014 and 2016. Tieshay has also provided spoken word for IUP’s Kwanzaa event, Fearless Diamond Awards, and IUP’s Take Back the Night open forum segment in 2014.  She has also starred in the Pocketbook Monologues, The Vagina Monologues,  Poe’lution: A poetry revolution, Speak 2 My Soul: A montage of voices, and John Graves Production of Black Kid Joy. Tieshay has also appeared on PBS " A Celebration of Music" talent search as contestant.

Tieshay has served on several panels which included the Ivy Staten Young Ladies conference, Is Race Real? series in Indiana Pennsylvania, IUP TV Generation Gap: Racism & Black History Month Views and for the showing of the Film Selma: Connecting the Past to the Present; a teach in panel discussion. Tieshay has been acknowledged and featured in The Indiana Gazette and The Penn newspaper on several occasions for her powerful words.

Tieshay Cheryl has performed and featured at many events/venues across the city of Philadelphia which include the world famous World Cafe Live, The Trocadero Theater, The Legs for Lupus fashion show at Pulaski Hall and plans to continuously expand. Tieshay Cheryl aspires to be a continuous leader within the community, using her spoken word, music and verbal gifts as a means of self expression, inspiration and advocacy.

Words are one of the best creations of life. They can inspire, heal, motivate, encourage and enlightened the minds, hearts, and spirits of others.
— Tieshay Cheryl