To liberate one’s self is to discover one’s purpose.
— Amir Smith A.K.A Jus Prince

Lecture To Black Artists

Art is the truth hidden within a lie.
The mind of an observer only sees the lie in that of which is known as Art.
Should one realize the truth the artist revealed, through ones observance an individual discovers a fact (or many facts) of life.
You see...
Art makes us realize we are imperfect.
We understand that emotion requires an outlet, which keeps the mind sane.
Art makes one realize that there is more to life than what one chooses to see,

so one must choose to observe.
Art reveals life's hidden truths.
And so we seek to receive that which has previously been revealed.
We are imperfect.
We are Art.
What we make is our Art.
Though it is imperfect,
It's imperfections altogether makes it perfect,
Thereby giving one a sense of perfection.
That of which is discovered in peace.
Peace is one's greatest virtue of many,

Peace is
- Jus Prince

Meet The Artist

Amir smith also known as Jus Prince is a young aspiring writer, artist, producer and poet from the City of Brotherly Love. Amir has a passion and appreciation for art in all forms, music and poetry being his favorites. It was during his time as a student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) that Amir begin to discover the power of his voice and the beauty of his art. Amir has performed across the City of Philadelphia at many events such as the I’m So Philly Youth Showcase, Philly Art Collective and more. Amir isn't just an artist, but an individual who encourages others to find and fulfill their purpose in life. In doing so, Amir helps to host and put together open mic events and artist showcases across the city of Philadelphia, providing others the opportunity to share their voice and their art.  Amir is currently working on his first EP " Jus Wordz" and aspires to continuously be “A perfect imperfection from the Creator with a '90's State of Mind.”




Tieshay is actually a huge inspiration to me in life. We began our bond through poetry but it became an opportunity to learn from someone wise at a young age. Since the day we first met she's always been great at giving you the resources and letting you find yourself. Tieshay further opened the doors for me to expand my vision as an artist, showing me different things to pay attention to and ways to get the most out of performing. I've evolved from the timid freshman I used to be, now venturing into new things I'd have shied away from a year ago. Tieshay is a blessing behind that aspect of myself. Tieshay has a huge heart and the strongest will. She's worth looking out for wherever life leads her. 

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The Earth Remembers




The earth remembers a time


When gods and spirits roamed


The earth tells the story


Of distant worlds


Remembered in ancient lore


Water monsters and creators


Corn pollen and red dirt


The canyons echo


Across the ages


Words of the divine


Wrought and brought


Into the fabric of time


Shaping the universe


Like wet clay


If you stay silent


You can hear them


Speak epics of old


Of chaos and creation


Histories of peoples


Full of adventures


Beyond our imaginations


Humanity may lose its way


But if we look beyond


With an openness


To stillness


If we silent ourselves



-Justin Cobb

Meet The Artist

Justin Cobb is a photographer, writer, poet, researcher, speaker and videographer. Originally from the small town of Meshoppen, Pennsylvania, Justin currently resides in Indian PA where he attends Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Justin found his love for storytelling when he was a child. He believes that all stories should be told especially stories of the misunderstood, underprivileged, under served and the forgotten. Justin believes it is important to document all stories regardless of race, class or gender especially the stories of those at the bottom of societal standards.  Justin aims to live his life and do work devoted to celebrating people, the human experience, and the natural world.


Indiana University of Pennsylvania is where Justin met Tieshay Cheryl as a participant at the showing of the film Selma: A sit in Panel Discussion. It was here, Justin decided to no longer just be another privileged individual who kept their silence about the issues faced in America especially regarding issues of race."Tieshay has inspired me not only to be a great poet and performer but also to explore and be open to experiences of other people even if they are different and to be a voice for just causes" Justin Cobb.